File MK

FileMK is a server-side file manager implemented in PHP for the browser.
It shows directories and files of your server like below, uploads a file, edits a text file etc...

FileMK list



Download from filemk.zip.



To install, only put the 'filemk.php' file on your http-php server.
Access the file by

it shows the list of server's files.
For security, change the 'filemk.php' name as you want.



To change the preference, edit 'filemk.php' file directly.

Users and Passwords

To change the user and password, edit the '$Users' array at the head of 'filemk.php'.
You can set the user and password in the plain text connected by '/' or set the md5 sum of 'user/password'.

$Users = [

You can write the list of user/password pair.


Document root directory

The '$RootDir' is the top directory handled by 'filemk.php'.
Set the document root '$RootDir' from your server's root directory at the head of 'filemk.php'.
If '$RootDir' is '', '$RootDir' is the same of the 'filemk.php' existence directory.

$RootDir = '';



If you find the localized problem, try to set the locale as you suit.

For example,

setlocale(LC_ALL, 'ja_JP.UTF-8');




When the following screen is displayed, input your user id and password and press the 'Login' button.

FileMK login



To logout, press '📤 Logout' button at the top right of the screen.
When you do not access the server for a while, logout automatically.


File list

Successful login shows the file list of the document root directory.

FileMK login

Button Operation
📁 . Show the directory operation panel
📁 .. Move to the parent directory
📁 directory name Move to the child directory
file name Show the detail of file and the operation panel


Operate file

Clink the file name on the file list, shows the detail of th file and the file operation panel.

FileMK login

Button Operation
📁 Dir Move to the file list of the current directory
📥 DL Download the file
👬 CP Copy the file
➡ MV Rename and move the file
🚮 RM Remove the file
📖 Edit Edit the text file
📖 CodeMirror Edit the text file by CodeMirror
↩ To LF Change the new line code 'LF'
📂 Unzip Unzip the zip archived file


Operate directory

Click '📁 . ' button shows the directory operation panel.

FileMK login

Button Operation
➡ Move Rename the directory name
🚮 Delete Delete the empty directory
📝 Make New File Make a new file
📁 Make New directoryMake a new directory
Select ... UPLOAD Upload a local file
📥 Download from URL Upload a specifiled url file
📂 Make zip archive Make a zip archive of the current directory


Edit the text file

Edit button pressed, you can edit the text file on textarea.

FileMK login

Set up the CodeMirror(https://codemirror.net/) and revise the end part of 'fileml.php'.
CodeMirror button pressed, you can edit the text file on CodeMirror.

FileMK login

Button Operation
◼ CancelCancel the edit and move to the file operation panel
💾 Save Save the edit file